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End of Second Term 2015/2016 Message to Parents

8th April 2016 (1st Rajab, 1437 a.h.)

Our Beloved Parent/Guardian ,

As salam alaekum . All praise is due to Almighty Creator for His Mercies. We also recognize with gratitude the effort and understanding of all our cooperating parents for making the term successful at Noble Foundation Schools. May Allah, the Almighty Beneficent bless and protect your family. Kindly note the following developments.

  • The school closed for end of the term vacation on Friday,8th April 2016 for three weeks.
  • Third term of 2015/2016 session begins on Tues day, 3rd May 2016. Your preparation for third term should include prompt acquisition of needed textbooks, notebooks and uniforms. Immediate planning for full payment of school fees on or before resumption is hereby solicited. The bill for next term has been given to your child; you can pay the fees at the school during the holiday or alternatively, pay into the bank account at Heritage or Skye Bank.
  • Registration of new pupils/students to our classes in the Nursery, Primary, and the College is available throughout the holiday period . Also, admission forms are available at Noble Foundation College for admittance of prospective students into Upper Basic (JSS) and SSS 1-2 classes for the next academic session.

Thank you.



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